Alternative Medicine for Dummies

Winner of AMWA’s Beth Fonda Award for excellence in medical communication for a lay audience.

Alternative Medicine for Dummies


“Finally, a book that puts alternative medicine into perspective and tells you what really works. Alternative Medicine For Dummies delivers real medical information backed by years of study and experience. This book will answer your questions and explain the therapies that can really make a difference in your health and well being. Alternative Medicine For Dummies gives you facts and history on the most commonly used therapies today – acupuncture, herbal remedies, meditation, yoga, chiropractic, massage therapy, biofeedback, megavitamins, and more. It also gives you a practical, user friendly guide to treating and alleviating symptoms of common ailments such as colds and flu to more serious conditions. Special sections are devoted to alternative medicine for children, seniors and women. This is the one-stop resource for all the helpful information you need to understand and use alternative therapies today.”


Dillard and Ziporyn offer a guide to alternative therapies for common ailments, explaining how each treatment differs from conventional Western medicine.”

University of Chicago Alumni Magazine

This book packs a ton of information and advice into 348 clearly and entertainingly written pages. It’s a terrific introduction to this immense field.”

Joan Price

It’s a stretch to imagine a book entitled Alternative Medicine for Dummies–the subject is immeasurably vast (thousands of years of Eastern medicine, for example, is just one part of it) and new research is updating our knowledge daily. How can a clever For Dummies book skim the surface and yield anything worthwhile? The answer: by teaching readers to evaluate alternative treatments and practitioners, and take charge of educating themselves to make informed decisions. . . .This book packs a ton of information and advice into 348 clearly and entertainingly written pages. It’s a terrific introduction to this immense field.”

This no-nonsense guide to unconventional medicine, by the head of Oxford Health Plan’s Alternative Medicine Program and a medical writer, provides a little bit of everything on the subject. Although the prevailing spirit of the book conveys “fun and ease,” there is an emphasis on safety, with the scientific literature referenced throughout the text. Loaded with tables, charts, helpful icons, and cartoons, this will appeal to many readers.”

Library Journal

Just because they don’t teach it in medical school doesn’t mean it won’t work! Tired of gulping down bottles of temporary pain killers? Looking for ways to ease your insomnia? Or just plain curious? Explore your options with an experienced doctor certified in both traditional and nontraditional medicines. With absolute impartiality and good humor, James Dillard and highly acclaimed medical popularizer Terra Ziporyn give you plain answers about what works, what’s safe, and what’s well worth trying in the world of alternative medicine.

GoodReads (re: audio version)

[T]his informative audio provides a useful summary of the alternatives when standard Western medicine just isn’t enough. Dillard, founding medical director of the Oxford Health Plans Alternative Medicine Program, and Ziporyn, who coauthored “The Harvard Guide to Women’s Health,” provide practical information grounded in common sense. They give the listener a quick rundown on everything from Chinese and ayurvedic medicines to such hands-on treatments as osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture.”

—Rochelle O’Gorman, Los Angeles Times (re: audio version)