Do Not Go Gentle. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2006.



On one hand, Dr. Alvin Forman is a soft-spoken allergist, single father, and suburban homeowner. On the other hand, and to his own bafflement, he’s also a serial killer.

A former child prodigy, Alvin has struggled all his life to reconcile his desire to save humanity with his desire to destroy it. Now a respected community member, he finds himself meticulously and ruthlessly dismembering patients, loved ones, and neighbors between administering allergy shots and raising his troubled teenaged daughter. But Alvin is beyond suspicion. Even Gloria, an evangelical Christian neighbor who hopes to convert Alvin as well as see him happily remarried, is clueless about just how much his soul actually needs saving.

What would push a doctor who has sworn to protect life to kill? What demons haunt such a troubled mind? And what happens when he loses the only thing that matters to him? These are the questions explored in this tension-filled, psychological thriller. A “why done it?” (as opposed to a “who done it?), Do Not Go Gentle affirms modern forensic science’s claim that there is no typical serial murderer; indeed, even the sweetest next-door neighbor may have a heinous hidden hobby.

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